2019 HC XXVII – Round 1 Standings

Even though everyone  an access the sheets for themselves, in keeping with tradition and as part of my duties, here are the standings after Round 1: 1. Gannon:     257 pts, 10 players left 2. Tonsmeire:  222 pts, 10 players left […]

2019 Hemcher Cup Draft Lottery

The auditors from HHM law services have released the results of the 2019 Hemcher Cup Draft Lottery. Tonsmeire Gannon Knight Lampazzi Zucker

Tonsmeire Wins It All

Team Tonsmeire will forever have his 4th Hemcher Cup title linked to the 2018 Wildcats which seems like a pretty nice thing.  Team Zucker is the only other franchise that can revel in such satisfaction. Tonsmeire won his title by […]

Round 2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

It seems rather appropriate that CBS has intertwined U2 in come of the promos for the this year’s tournament as yesterday was an absolute blood bath for the favorites.1.Tonsmeire   424 points.  6 players left 2.Gannon       394 points.  6 players left. […]

HC XXVI – Round 1 Standings

With the first round in the books here’s the current standings: 1.  Tonsmeire:    242 points, 11 players left. 2.  Zucker:         231 points,   9 players left. 3.  Lampazzi:     216 points,  10 players left. […]

The 2018 Hemcher Cup Preview Guide

March 2018 The Hemcher Cup XXVI Preview Guide THE CUP-FATHER                     My credit good enough to buy you out? Buy me out? Your franchise. The league. The Lampazzi franchise wants to […]