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The History of the Hemcher Cup

We’ve heard the stories and the legends about how from small dreams come unbelievable realities.  Much like Hewlett Packard starting out in a garage and  Microsoft starting in a dorm room between three friends, so too did the Hemcher Cup arise from rather meager beginnings.

It was the 1992 –1993 college basketball season.  In an otherwise non descript duplex on Thomas Ave in Bryn Mawr, PA, the original five members of what was to later become The Hemcher Cup decided to break from the traditional use of an NCAA Bracket Pool, they sought more, so much more. Those five were Team Knight, Team Gannon, Team Zucker, Team Lampazzi and Team #5 (team name vacated).

At the time they thought it was just another way to spend two dollars on something besides beer.  Little did they know what they were setting in motion…. Those five original members all had their franchises within 1 mile of each other. Arenas were borrowed gymnasiums from local elementary schools.   Crowds were small and TV and/or radio broadcasts were no where to be found. Not even WXVU radio would broadcast their games (WXVU had issues with this group for entirely different reasons).

That first season was tough,  the operating budgets for all teams was just $2 dollars each.  Records from that first year no longer exist.  But we do know  the original first round of players drafted was:

  1. Jamal Mashburn
  2. Terry Dehere
  3. Chris Webber
  4. Calbert Cheany
  5. Rodney Rogers

That first year was tough.  There was no revenue coming in from anywhere besides the owners bank accounts.  Knowing they had a unique product the league did make some big decisions.

First they decided to bring the product to other markets which was an immediate success, they also decided to drop the original fifth member for a new franchise, Team T[REDACTED]. The owners  began to tweak the league with some new ideas, one was draft night teleconferencing and expanded rosters.

All were successful.  With the movement into new markets, the league decided to capitalize on this early success and expand to a sixth franchise, Team Poli.

This expansion brought in higher revenues and even more fans.  The internet become a key component to enhancing draft night, and the league’s own web site, just launched in 2002,  is now the 1,655,576th most visited site on the world wide web.  Excluding porn sites from the total above, it’s the 11th most visited site.

The league now has TV contracts with ESPN and Fox Sports.  Each franchise has its own state of the art arena and attendance at last years games was at record levels.

So what’s next for the Hemcher Cup?  Well for the immediate future, we know there’s a Hemcher Cup Xbox game to be released in April, the League is planning to open a chain of Hemcher Cup themed restaurants, and finally a new Fox reality show titled “Who Wants To Marry A Hemcher Cup Millionaire”