These Go To 11

The 27th edition of the Hemcher Cup has drawn to a close and Team Knight adds more hardware to their trophy case with their 11th Championship.

Final Standings:

1.  Knight          890 points,  60 games played, 14.8 PPG

2.  Gannon       640 points, 43 games played,  14.9 PPG

3.  Lampazzi    639 points, 43 games played,  14.9 PPG

4.  Tonsmeire   581 points, 37 games played,  15.7 PPG

5.  Zucker        406 points, 30 games played,  13.5 PPG

Your 2019 All Hemcher Team:

Carsen Edwards,      Team Knight,         139 points, Pick #33

Carsen Edwards,      Team Knight,         139 points, Pick #33

Jarret Culver,             Team Knight,        111 points, Pick #18

Zion Williamson,        Team Tonsmeire,  104 points, Pick #1

Ty Jerome,                 Team Gannon,      101 points, Pick #22

DeAndre Hunter,        Team Knight,           95 points, Pick #3

This was a contentious and controversial tournament from the beginning and so I’ll address the elephant in the room with what transpired in Round 7….what was Zucker thinking taking a kid from Yale? 

See what I did there?!

I look forward to a spirited summer meetings this year with topics up for debate such as: 1) Do we look to expand back to 6 teams? 2) Do we ban all things Calipari indefinitely? 3) Should we have Jim Nantz be the official neck tie of the Hemcher Cup?

Also, I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but Villanova continued it’s recent history of only winning national titles every other year by not winning this year.

See you next year.