HC XXVII – Round 2 Update

First off, let me first direct my anger towards whoever is screwing with the HC scoring sheet. 

Someone decided to remove Carsen Edwards scoring from Knight’s worksheet and post a Turk 182 sign in there, which took out his points for two games and added 182 points to the total.  Though this may have seemed like a harmless prank, it’s annoying and unbecoming of a Hemcher Cup owner.  You want to go get a Rub and Tug at the day spa the morning of the Sweet 16, then fine, but don’t fuck with another man’s automobile, just don’t do it.

With that regrettable lecturing behind us, here’s the current standings, feel free to audit your own based on the shenanigans listed above:

1.  Knight:          402 pts, 13 guys left

2.  Gannon:       399 pts,  9 guys left

3.  Tonsmeire:   395 pts,   8 guys left

4.  Zucker:         345 pts,  4 guys left

5.  Lampazzi:     324 pts,   10 guys left

It appears to me that only Knight, Gannon and Tonsmeire are in the running at this point.  It may even be debatable that the pool is that big, but for now that’s a good enough cut line for us ahead of the Sweet 16.

Good luck you filthy animals