HC XXVII – Elite 8 Standings

Though it will take the NCAA three more games to crown it’s champion, the Hemcher Cup has essentially crowned its champion this weekend.

Standings thru the Elite 8:

1.  Knight:       746 points, 6 players left

2.  Gannon:     592 points, 3 players left

3.  Lampazzi:   579 points, 3 players left

4.  Tonsmeire:  576 points, 1 player left

5.  Zucker:       406 points,  0 players left

Knight’s remaining players are all teammates and so he is guaranteed at least two players into the championship game from the TTU/MSU side and as many as four if Virginia beats Auburn.

The next ball thru the hoop for Team Knight will break one of this league’s most iconic records that has stood for over two decades.  As we all know, records are made to be broken and so this long standing HC record’s fate shall be no different.  With a minimum of 8 player games left and a maximum of 10, we should expect the new all time record to be well north of 800.  Even though spots 2 thru 4 are very close, it makes no difference where they settle out since you are either first or last when it comes to the Hemcher Cup.

Though nothing is official until the tournament finishes in just over a week’s time, this is an historic year for Team Knight as they not only will break the single tournament scoring record but they will add to their dynasty by posting their 11th championship in the 27 year history of the Hemcher Cup. 

Wherever the namesake of this league may be, DG Hemcher certainly has no clue of the legacy he left to a bunch of male college students to whom he had no interest in renting to many years ago, so remember to raise a glass to DG in the future as a sign of tribute.

The reign of Team Tonsmeire IV will soon draw to an end and thereby usher in the reign of Team Knight XI.  

The Champion is dead. Long live the Champion!