Tonsmeire Wins It All

Team Tonsmeire will forever have his 4th Hemcher Cup title linked to the 2018 Wildcats which seems like a pretty nice thing.  Team Zucker is the only other franchise that can revel in such satisfaction.

Tonsmeire won his title by leading wire to wire, opening up an 11 point lead in round 1 and closing it out with a 49 point final tournament margin over 2nd place finisher and prior year champion Team Gannon.

1.  Tonsmeire   666 points,  41 games played, 16.2 PPG average

2.  Gannon       617 points,  39 games played, 15.8 PPG average

3.  Knight          554 points,  43 games played, 12.9 PPG average

4.  Lampazzi     488 points,  34 games played, 14.4 PPG average

5.  Zucker         468 points,  36 games played,  13.0 PPG average

2018 All Hemcher:

Malik Newman,      Team Gannon      108 points

Jalen Brunson,      Team Tonsmeire    97 points

Mikal Bridges,        Team Knight            93 points

Donte DiVincenzo, Team Gannon         90 points

Moritz Wanger,      Team Tonsmeire     90 points

To the victor goes the spoils, so it’s $125 to Team Tonsmeire from Gannon, Zucker and I since Knight won the bracket and now with just 5 competitors, it splits nicely for the three of us to pay Tons and Knight nets 0. 

Congrats Tons and the Cats for the championship years.