Round 2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

It seems rather appropriate that CBS has intertwined U2 in come of the promos for the this year’s tournament as yesterday was an absolute blood bath for the favorites.
1.Tonsmeire   424 points.  6 players left

2.Gannon       394 points.  6 players left.

3.Knight          371 points.  9 players left (really 8 due to Haas injury)

4.Lampazzi     334 points.  5 players left.

5.Zucker          318 points.  4 players left.

At this point I think it’s fair to say that Zucker and I are both out of contention as we have the least players left, are the furthest out of first place and don’t have enough unique players left as what we do have is mostly covered by teams in front of us.  Ter took a beating yesterday losing two tar heels and two musketeers, as well as losing the Auburn edge.  He is 100% covered by Tonsmeire which means his guys have to outscore Tons guys by 53 points the rest of the way, not impossible, but not likely in my opinion.  So to me that means it is a two man race between Tonsmeire and Knight.  Knight is only 30 points behind with 2 extra players and there’s enough uniqueness between their two teams that they don’t have everyone covered.   
Gonz/FSU:  Knight has two ZagsKSU/UK:  Knight has a major advantage for as long as Kentucky keeps winningTex A&M/Mich:  Knight has no Michigan so advantage Tonsmeire as they keep winningLoyola/Nev:  Knight has no Nevada so advantage Tonsmeire as they keep winningTexas Tech/Purdue:  A straight up elimination game for the two of them as they will both lose a unique scorer.

It really is too close to call.  In my opinion if Gonzaga and Kentucky keep winning, Knight will win, otherwise Tonsmeire will win.