HC XXVI – Round 1 Standings

With the first round in the books here’s the current standings:

1.  Tonsmeire:    242 points, 11 players left.

2.  Zucker:         231 points,   9 players left.

3.  Lampazzi:     216 points,  10 players left.

4.  Gannon:        213 points,  12 players left

5.  Knight:          176 points,  12 players left

The top scorer in the Round of 64 was Rob Gray (aka Man Bun) for Team Tonsmeire with 39.  The worst was Devon Hall for Team Lampazzi  with 2 points and an early exit.  Team Knight has Tillie (2pts) and Azubuike (0 pts) but they at least get another game to try to increase those numbers.
Just for context over the last five years, here’s how the first round leader finished the tournament:

2017:  Gannon, won tournament

2016:  Gannon, finished in last.  (Eventual Champion Zucker was last after Round 1)

2015:  Lampazzi, finished third

2014:  Gannon, finished 2nd.

2013:  Gannon, finished 2nd.

As for today’s action, 5 of the 8 games will feature guaranteed knock outs as we all start to get more head to head games in play.

It’s still too early to call a favorite at this point, by the end of tomorrow we should have a better idea but I think even then it may still be unclear.  I think Team Tonsmeire is credited with referring to the sunday of Round 2 as moving day in the Hemcher Cup but I think we may need until after the Sweet 16 to have a favorite emerge.