2017: Final Four


Just for the official record here’s the standings as of the Final Four:
1.  Gannon      690 points.  0 players left
2.  Zucker        606 points.  UNC (1), Gonzaga (1)
3.  Lampazzi    572 points.  Gonzaga (1)
4.  Tonsmeire   562 points.  UNC (1), Gonzaga (1)
5.  Knight         534 points.  UNC (1), Gonzaga (2)
6.  Poli             442 points.  UNC (1), Gonzaga (1)
Based on the standings, really the only thing left to be decided is what slogan goes on the Gannon championship t-shirt? Perhaps, “One for the Thumb”, “The Joy of Six”, or  “Do I make you Thorny, baby?”.
In other less exciting news, the only finishing spot up for grabs is 3rd place.  Tons should be able to over take me on Monday but he may not, but in the grand scheme of things, no one cares who finishes 3rd.