2017: Sweet 16 Standings

I did not stay awake for the late games last night so when I saw the box scores this morning,  I was quite surprised at what I saw.  Gannon appears to have taken a commanding lead with this year’s cup.  He put up 163 points in the round, with two players alone scoring in excess of 30 each combining for 74 points.  By way of comparison those two players outscored Poli’s entire S16 team of 9 guys who combined for only 70 total points!
1.  Gannon       592 points.  5 players in E8.  Guaranteed to drop SC or FLA in E8.
2.  Zucker         507 points.  4 players in E8.   Guaranteed to drop ORE or Kansas in E8.
3.  Lampazzi     505 points.  4 players in E8.  Doesn’t matter.
4.  Tonsmiere    470 points.   4 players in E8.  Doesn’t matter.
5.  Knight          416 points.   5 players in E8.  Doesn’t matter.
6.   Poli              397 points.   4 players in E8.  Doesn’t matter.
It feels like Gannon should have this wrapped up but as I look at the possibilities I guess if the final four turned out to be Gonzaga, Oregon and UNC then Zucks has chance.  That scenario would give Zucker three players into the final four and would leave Gannon with only 1 from the southEASTern region.  Ter could conceivably lose his Kentucky guy to Zuck’s UNC guy and his two Kansas guys to Zuck’s Oregon guy.  Which would give Zuck two rounds to make up the difference but Gannon still gets FLA or SC to the Final Four.  Even then with an 85 point current lead it seems like absolutely everything would have to break right for Zucker to win but I guess this year’s cup isn’t officially over yet…but it’s very close.  No jinx to anyone.
On other thing to be watching for  is if Gannon can surpass 746.  Up until last night, I didn’t think it was possible but putting up the points he did and not dropping any at risk guys gives him a shot.  In 1997 at this same point Tons had 539 points which is actually behind Team Gannon.  Tons finished out the last three rounds that year with scores of 109, 62 and 36.  In his best case scenario Ter get could 4 guys to the F4 and 3 guys to the Championship Game.  I still think Ton’s record will stand but it’s certainly more in play today than it was before the games tipped yesterday.
In other less interesting news, the bracket is down to Zucks and me.  It looks like if NC makes the title game he wins, otherwise, I think I win.