2017: Round 2 Standings

We only lost 6 total players in Round 1.  But in Round 2 we lost 31!  The tracking sheet definitely ran red with Burgandy’s blood on Sunday.
1st:     Gannon         429 pts.     8 players left
2nd:    Lampazzi      392 pts.     7 players left
3rd:    Zucker           381 pts.     7 players left
4th:    Tonsmeire     344 pts.     9 players left
5th:    Knight            342 pts.     7 players left
6th:    Poli                327 pts.     9 players left
What a difference a day makes.  Even though today is moving day in the Hemcher Cup, based on what happened today I don’t think this is a runaway yet, but  I think Ter is the favorite at this point.  Since Gannon has the lead and has the one wild card in Thornwell, he has to feel pretty good as no one can cover South Carolina for as long as they go.  After Gannon, in my opinion I think the only others with a real shot are Zucker and Tonsmeire.
Zucker gains on Gannon with UNC, Oregon, Michigan, Purdue & Michigan but drops a Michigan/Oregon guy in S16, and really needs Purdue to knock out Kansas.
Tonsmeire gains on Gannon with Gonzaga, UNC, Purdue, Butler, WVA and Oregon but drops a WVA/Oregon and Butler/UNC in S16.  Other teams are covered by Zucker so tough to move up on him.
Knight’s gains on Gannon with UNC, Gonzaga, and Purdue which are also found with Zucker and Tonsmeire.
Poli I think is too far back at this point and is covered on his teams by most in front of him.
Lampazzi probably needs a final four of Butler, Baylor, Xavier and Oregon to be able to over take Gannnon which doesn’t seem very likely.
Hopefully it won’t be decided for a while and we can still have some fun with it.
So I think it’s legit 3 team race from here on out.