2017: Round 1 Standings

After a first round that featured really no legit upsets, we are left with everyone still very much in contention.
I’m not sure we’ve ever really seen such a first round dynamic in the history of the Hemcher Cup.
Team         Points      Players Remaining
Gannon        237             13
Lampazzi     210             12
Zucker         198             13
Tonsmeire   195             12
Knight          184             14
Poli               155            14
Amazingly only 6 players have been eliminated across the board.  By way of comparison, last year we lost 20 guys combined in Round 1, and Knight alone lost 6.
Overall scoring is up by 49 points at 1,179 compared to last year at 1,130.
Your round #1 high scorer was Sindarius Thornwell with 29 points, while Darryl Reynolds occupied  the bottom spot with 0 points scored.
Also by way of comparison, at this same point last year, eventual champion Team Zucker was actually in 6th place with just 171 points but he did manage to get 13 guys thru to Round 2.  So that means, everyone is still very much in play for this year’s Cup.  It’s nice to have the most points after round 1 but this is a war of attrition and in many cases it’s usually better to advance more guys even if their scoring output is low.
Though round #1 was generally blood free, we should start to see the scoring tracker start to run a bit more red with Burgundy’s blood as our players will start to engage in a few more H2H match-ups.