2016: Sweet 16 Standings







It’s still pretty tight top to bottom:

1.  Zucker    499pts with 7 guys left
2Lamp      492pts with 5 guys left
3.  Gannon   461pts with 2 guys left
4.  Knight     436pts with 6 guys left
5.  Tons       421pts  with 4 guys left
6.  Poli         402pts  with 6 guys left

Overall Team Zucker has to feel pretty good about how tonight’s games shook out at the top of the leaderboard as Ter loses Niang and his Wisconsin guy, I lose Wiltjer and Zuck gets a boatload from Yogi Ferrel on his way out the door.

Guaranteed knockouts for the Elite 8 (I believe I’ve captured them all but may be wrong)

Zucker:  1 (UNC / ND).  Could get as many as 6 thru.
Lamp:    1 (ORE / OK).  Could get as many as 4 thru.
Gannon: No auto knockouts.  Could get 2 guys thru.
Knight:  2 (ORE / OK) and (KU / Nova).  Could get as many as 4 thru.
Tons:   No auto knockouts.  Could get 4 guys thru.
Poli:   1 (ORE / OK).  Could get 5 guys thru.

Obviously Zucker staying in the lead is better for the greater good.

A couple of notes:

Last year Ter was in first at this time with 472 points and 6 guys heading into the Elite 8.

Total League points scored this year is 2,711 vs. last year 2,496 so points scored is up quite a bit.

In 1997, Tonsmeire had 539 points after the Sweet 16 on his way to 746. Which means that current leader Team Zucker would need to average nearly 83 points per round to break the mark.  I’m just using Zucks as the example since he is currently in front.  It’s not impossible for the record to be caught this year but I do think that it’s unlikely.