2016: Round 2 Standings









Round 2 is is complete and teams are on their way to the Sweet 16, including the Cats.

This has to be one of the closest leaderboards in quite a while:

1.  Zucker         360pts  with 10 guys left
2.  Gannon        359pts  with  7 guys left
3.  Lampazzi     354pts  with  7 guys left
4.  Knight          333pts  with  7 guys left
5.  Tonsmeire   323pts  with  8 guys left
6.  Poli              305pts  with  8 guys left

Based on the tight grouping of the scores, it’s not realistic to anoint anyone yet but I think the top two teams will emerge after the Sweet 16.

Hopefully it will be a tight race to the end but I think there’s also a possibility that this could be over next Sunday night.

Please feel free to double check your scores for accuracy.

Does anyone remember that Bo Derek movie “10”?  Zuck?  Just sayin…