2016: Round 1 Standings


Round 1 for 2016 is in the books, and Michigan State is on their way home.
Here is was it looks like very early in the Hemcher Cup race.
1. Gannon   213pts, 10 guys left
2. Lamp       204pts,  10 guys left
3. Tons        185pts, 13 guys left
4. Poli          180pts, 10 guys left
5. Knight      177pts 8 guys left
6. Zucks       171pts, 13 guys left
Too early to call but certainly having more guys in your lineup is a clear advantage.
Last year after Round 1, Lampazzi was 1st at 224 and T was 2nd at 204pts.
Poli was low at 131. The others were between 185 and 196 so scoring is that far off from last year.