2016 Final Standings – Zucker Wins It All







Zucker wins it all!

Zucker wins it all!

Zucker wins it all!

So, it appears that ATTC Lampazzi also did not write a final wrap up for this year’s Cup? WTF? I think we’re bordering on league disciplinary action here.

Who cares though, the Cats (and Zucker) won it all.  That’s all that really matter.

Here are your 2016 Hemcher Cup final standings:

2016 Hemcher Cup Final Standings

  1. Zucker        692 pts
  2. Knight        609 pts
  3. Lampazzi   606 pts
  4. T                 542 pts
  5. Poli             501 pts
  6. Gannon      488 pts

Zucker gets his 3rd Cup, first since 2008.  Congratulations to him and his entire team.

For the first time in 9 years, a team from Philly did not come in second place.

Second place finishes all-time: Poli (6), Gannon (5), Knight (5), Tons (3), Zucker (2), Lampazzi (1)

(Only 22 out of 24 years of data available for second place finishes).


2016 All Hemcher Team

Buddy Hield (Knight) Oklahoma         126

Brice Johnson  (Lampazzi) UNC         114

Ryan Arcidiacono (Zucker) Villanova  95

Kris Jenkins (Zucker) Villanova           93

Josh Hart (Tonsmeire) Villanova         90