2016: Final Four Standings








With the conclusion of the Final Four, this year’s Hemcher Cup has been clinched.

Welcome to the Three Timers Club Team Zucker.

1.  Zucker      621pts    4 players left
2.  Lamp        592pts    1 player left
3.  Knight       581pts   3 players left
4.  Tons         521pts    2 players left
5.  Poli           488pts   2 players left
5.  Gannon    488pts    0 players left

Gannon has fallen to the basement with Poli but has no bullets left.

1 more point from Poli’s 2 guys and he gets to 5th place.

Lampazzi and Knight in a little bit of a battle for 2nd place.

Otherwise, this year’s Cup is pretty much settled.


The bracket has also been clinched, Team Gannon has locked that up.

So it will be $25 each to Gannon and $100 each to Zucker.

With that stuff behind us, everyone can just focus on Monday night.

Go Cats!