2016: Elite 8 Standings









For some reason, maybe because of the excitement of the Villanova-Kansas game, it seems that the ATTC Lampazzi didn’t send out an email update after the Elite 8 games.  That said, we have to recreate this posting after the fact.  Please pardon our appearance.


After the end of the Elite 8, and with the Cats heading to the Final Four, here are your Hemcher Cup standings:

  1. Lampazzi    564   2 guys left
  2. Zucker        559   5 guys left (5 of top 8 picks)
  3. Knight         541  4 guys left
  4. T                  488   2 guys left
  5. Gannon       488   0 guys left
  6. Poli              458   3 guys left

Team Knight with a monster round to jump up to 3rd and into contention.

Team T and Gannon are tied, but with Team Gannon having no players remaining, he is left to freefall in the standings.

Down only 5 points and with 5 of his top 8 picks left, Team Zucker looks to be in the driver’s seat.

The Villanova-Oklahoma game should determine how things are going to shake out in the Hemcher Cup.

If Villanova wins, Zucker should run away with it.

Go Cats!