2015: Final Standings – As Close As It Gets



I’m sure most of us are still somewhat in shock due to the wild nature of last night’s championship game.

Team Knight began the game up 15 and held the lead until the under 4 minute TV timeout of the 2nd half when Team Gannon took a 2pt lead of his own.

Unfortunately for Team Gannon, he was unable to hold it for long as Okafor came out of his coma to put Team Knight back in front and neither Winslow nor Dekker could close the deal for Gannon by bricking two late free throws and missing on a long range desperation three.

Team Knight is the first franchise to reach double digits, as it takes home its 10th Hemcher Cup Championship.

2015 Hemcher Cup Final Standings:
  1. Knight    624pts, 55 games played, 11.3 ppg average
  2. Gannon  622pts, 42 games played, 14.8 ppg average
  3. Lamp      595pts, 40 games played, 14.9 ppg average
  4. Poli         525pts, 47 games played, 11.2 ppg average
  5. Tons       479pts,  38 games played, 12.6 ppg average
  6. Zucks     405pts,  32 games played, 12.7 ppg average
2015 All Hemcher Team:
  • Frank Kaminsky    132pts, Team Lampazzi  Pick  #2
  • Sam Dekker           115pts,  Team Gannon   Pick #25
  • Travis Trice            95pts, Team Knight         Pick #65
  • Jahlil Okafor          90pts, Team Knight        Pick  #5
  • Justise Winslow    86pts, Team Gannon     Pick #24
Kaminsky at 132pts, ties for 8th all time with Miles Simon and Sean May.
I just did a quick check and Knight’s 55 games looks to be two games short of the all time record of 57 games set by Team Knight in 2013 when he scored 648 points to win the cup.
And with that, we close the book on HC XXIII.
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