2015: Final Four Standings – Down to the Wire

We may be set up for a classic finish thanks to Kentucky getting bounced.  Had they won, this would have been over.
1.Knight   614pts with Okafor left.  Tourney Avg: 16 ppg
2.Gannon 599pts with Winslow and Dekker left.  Combined tourney average 35.6 ppg
With  just a 15pt lead, if averages hold, Ter would wind up winning by 5 points or so but either team has a legit shot to win.   That garbage Ulis 3 at the buzzer, had it dropped could have been enormous for Knight.
3.Lamp   568pts with Kaminsky and Cook left.
4.Poli      492pts with Koening and Jones left.
5.Tons     466pts with Hayes left
6.Zuck     405pts
The rest of us have gotten out of the way and will finish in the same order as shown now.
The only potential movement will be in the top two spots.
This is shaping up to be another Wayne Turner classic.
I’ll try to keep a real live update going Monday night with updates at each TV timeout for those who want to play along at home.
I believe I had a real time update going during the Wayne Turner game as well.