2015: Sweet 16 Standings


Thru the completion of the Sweet 16, here are the standings:

  1. Gannon   472pts   6 guys left
  2. Knight     455pts   10 guys left
  3. Lamp       439pts    4 guys left
  4. Tons        393pts    4 guys left
  5. Poli          372pts    7 guys left
  6. Zuck        365pts    3 guys left

From here on out it’s a war of attrition as guys will be lost in most games. Here’s what you need to know for today’s games:

AZ vs. Wisconsin: Ter desperately wants Wisconsin to win, if that happens he trades 1 for 2 as Knight would lose two wildcats to Ter’s one but most importantly Ter gets Dekker thru to the Final Four.

ND vs. Kentucky. Ter is obviously rooting for the ND upset as it would cut Knight’s team nearly in half. Knight definitely wants Kentucky to win but worst case he get’s todays points and has an ND guy to offset Ter’s ND guy.

If Arizona and Kentucky win, Knight is going to be feeling good, very good.

The outcome of the games don’t really matter for the rest of us so I’m not going to bother to say anything about that other than Poli is making a late season surge that unfortunately will only get him to 3rd place.