2015: Round 2 Standings

Since there was no thread on Sunday here is the only communication of the day:
1.Gannon        348pts     8 guys left
2.Lampazzi     344pts     6 guys left
3.T[redacted] 335pts     6 guys left
4.Knight          334pts      11 guys left
5.Zucker         322pts       4 guys left
6.Poli              241pts      9 guys left
I haven’t bothered to look and see what guys get automatically knocked out in the next round but from my perspective it’s a two man race between Ter and Knight.  Even though Ter has less guys, I think he has the fire power to hang around but Knight is like a slow moving glacier.  His 11 guys may just be too much to overcome. That being said he has a large amount of his fortune riding with Kentucky so as long as they advance so will Knight. It’s not a lock yet, but I don’t think the rest of us really have a shot given what we have left. Tons, Zucks and I don’t have enough weapons and Poli is just too far behind.
Feel free to audit your own scores.