2015: Round 1 Standings

With 32 games in the books, here’s the standings after Round 1:
1.Lampazzi      224pts    10 guys left
2.T [redacted] 205pts    11 guys left
3.Gannon        196pts   10 guys left
4.Knight          190pts    13 guys left
5.Zucker         185pts    10 guys left
6.Poli               131pts    12 guys left
A pretty balanced opening round with everyone basically getting their top guns thru to the 2nd round.  For those of you wondering if T[redacted]’s 746pt tournament scoring record is in play, well back in 1997 he opened that 1st round with 206pts.  So based on that it’s in play but a key point to remember is that his 14th pick, Mike Bibby, dropped 108pts for the tournament.  So if you have a century point member in your last pick, you might be able to make a run.
As always it’s too early to call right now, but by close of business Sunday, the contenders should begin to emerge.
Also, I encourage you to verify your team’s scores as these get posted in wikipedia fashion where multiple members are posting scores, though I do believe they are correct.