2015: Elite 8 Standings



Unless Coach Cal gets busted in the next six days, this thing is likely done. I say likely because as I re-look at the numbers, I think it’s only 98% done at this point.

  1. Gannon     564pts     2 guys left
  2. Knight       547pts     6 guys left
  3. Lamp         503pts     4 guys left
  4. Poli            459pts     3 guys left
  5. Tons          441pts     2 guys left
  6. Zucks        393pts     1 guy left

Sadly for Gannon, he has been the leader for every round since round 2 and with his 17 point lead, may not actually lose the lead until the Championship Game. The thing about Knight’s four Kentucky guys is that collectively they are only worth about 2 to 2.5 regular players based on combined scoring output so that is what is keeping him from taking over.

It’s likely going to be a slow painful defeat for Gannon but I guess if Duke plays Wisconsin in the Championship Game he may actually have a slim chance to pull this out. I think it’s probably inevitable that Knight wins but based on him not overtaking Gannon yet, he may have just left the door open a crack for Ter to try to sneak in. So it appears there’s still some drama left in this thing.