2014 Sweet 16 Standings

With Round 2 (not round 3) now in the books, here’s the standings:
  1. Lamp    372pts    9 guys left
  2. Ter        363pts    7 guys left
  3. Tons     350pts    5 guys left
  4. Zucks    338pts    4 guys left
  5. Poli        322pts    10 guys left
  6. Knight    250pts    9 guys left
Here’s what I think. I think knight is the only one truly done. Hard to leap over 5 teams when you are so far back.
  • Zuck only has 4 guys but all four could get to the final four which would keep him with players the rest of the way.
  • Tons is rooting for UCLA and SDSU.
  • Poli is in good shape and is rooting for SDSU and iowa st to win plus a UCLA loss.
  • Gannon is still in good shape and rooting for MSU. In his automatic knockout game of UCLA and florida he is rooting for UCLA to win even though he would trade 2 guys for 1.
  • Lampazzi is rooting big time for Michigan,  UVA, Baylor, Kentucky and Stanford. Kentucky and Stanford are my wildcards.  If they keep going im in good shape.
  • The Florida/UCLA, UVA/MSU, and Arizona/SDSU games will be the most important games for us in the sweet 16. As there are lots of players involved.