2014 Round 1 Standings


With one round down here’s the standings:
1. Gannon 224pts 10 guys left
2. Zucker 223pts 9 guys left
3. Tons 217pts 10 guys left
4. Lamp 211pts 12 guys left
5. Knight 139pts 12 guys left
6. Poli 138pts 13 guys left
Thanks to all who have been updating the sheet. I’ve double checked and everything looks right to me but it’s always a good idea to confirm you own scores.

Thanks to MMP for sending out the Niang note. Tough break, literally, for Gannon as he loses a guy who dropped 24pts for him last night.

It appears at this point to be a pretty competitive Cup. Even though Matt and Knight had pretty low output they have lots of guys left to try to make up ground and the rest of us are bunched up pretty tight at the top. All the 1st round picks survived.

Scoring is up a little bit this year as combined we scored 1,152pts with 4 teams scoring at least 200pts. Last year the combined score in Round 1 was 1,089 with just one team scoring at least 200 (Gannon 204). This is slightly reminiscent of last year as Ter and Zuck were #1 and #2 after round 1 and Knight was last.

It’s too soon to try to nominate the favorites as the contenders usually don’t begin to emerge until the end of Round 2. I haven’t tried to look at the automatic outs for Round 2 but they start to become more regular now as guys start playing each other with every advancing round.

Good luck in Round 2 and Go Cats!