2014 Elite Eight Standings

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With only 3 more games left here’s the standings:

1. Lamp 562pts 3 guys left.
2. Poli 511pts 3 guys left.
3. Ter 494pts 3 guys left.
4. Tons 451pts 1 guy left.
5. Zuck 426pts 0 guys left
6. Knight 361pts 2 guys left
Players left for the top 3:
Lamp: Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky.  Guaranteed 1 guy in title game
Poli: Florida (2), Wisconsin
Ter: Florida (2), Wisconsin
Compared to last year, overall scoring is pretty much aligned.  Knight had 565pts thru the Elite 8 last year.  Total points scored thru the Elite 8 last year combined was 2,796 and this year it’s 2,805.  That being said, scoring just 70pts might get you on this year’s All Hemcher Team.