2013 Update After Final Four

With 66 games down and just 1 to go, we are just one day away from the 2nd Back to Back Championships in the history of the Hemcher Cup.
1.Knight 594pts with 3 guys left.  Amazingly he is tied with Poli for the lowest PPG average for the tourney at 11.0 but he has 54  total games played.
2.Gannon 524pts with 1 guy left.  Has the 2nd  highest PPG average for the tourney at 14.6
3.Tons 498pts with 1guy left. Russ Smith needs 31 on monday to break the all time record.  Tons has the highest PPG average for  the tourney at 15.1 but has the least amount of games played so far at 33
4.Poli 484pts with 2 guys left.  Has the 2nd highest games played at 44 but the tied for lowest PPG average with Knight.
5.Lamp 430pts and is the only one with no players left.
6.Zucks 394pts with two wolverines left.
Looks like this will probably hold as the final order but there could be a couple of swaps in position depending on how high scoring the title game is on monday night.
Its obviously more exciting to have the title game impact the Cup but that won’t be the case this year.  My only wonder is if Arch’s bleeding forehead makes One Shining Moment, I think it will.