2013 Final: Team Knight Back-to-Back

Just to officially close it out.
Last night, Team Knight won their 9th Hemcher Cup Championship, with a 106 point margin over Team Gannon.  This was just the second back-to-back Championship in League history.  Next year, Team Knight will try for an unprecedented three-peat.
2013 Hemcher Cup Final Standings
1.Knight      648pts    57 games played
2.Gannon    542pts    37 games played
3.Poli          511pts    46 games played
4.Tons        507pts    34 games played
5.Lamp       430pts    35 games played
6.Zucks      409pts    36 games played
Your 2013 All Hemcher Team:
Russ Smith            134pts    Team Tons
Trey Burke             93pts    Team Knight
DeShaun Thomas    89pts    Team Knight
Seth Curry               84pts    Team Poli
Tim Hardaway Jr     79pts    Team Zucker