2013 Sweet 16 Standings

Like a virgin before Prom Night, Ter refuses to give up the lead but Knight is coming strong with Maroon 5 CD’s, Wine Coolers and Ruffies…..
  1. Gannon 477pts 3 guys left  (Otto Porter did him no favors, top 4 picks all gone by Sweet 16)
  2. Knight 462pts 9 guys left (dick).  (Made up 85pts on Gannon in Sweet 16)
  3. Tons 426pts 3 guys left (Sweet 16 was his highest PPG average of any round)
  4. Poli 404pts 6 guys left (poor production in Round 2 with 12 guys took him out of contention)
  5. Lamp 365pts 3 guys left (picks 8 – 14 were all gone after round 2)
  6. Zucks 343pts 3 guys left (passing on Khaliff Wyatt threw his team into a downward spiral)
Perhaps now, Knight will acknowledge what I’ve been saying since the end of Round 2, he has wrapped this thing up.
We may have to send Knight a 1099 next year as he has amassed quite the small fortune over the years with 9 championships.  I also just looked at the bracket, Knight has locked that up as well.  Dick.
That’s $125 each going to Knight.  Please send us your current address at your leisure.