2013 Round 1 Scoring

I don’t accept the fact that they call it round 2, it’s still round 1.
  1. Gannon 204pts 11 guys left (lost #1 pick in Porter)
  2. Zucker 197pts   9 guys left
  3. Poli 184pts 12 guys left
  4. Tons 182pts   9 guys left
  5. Lamp 172pts 10 guys left
  6. Knight 150pts 14 guys left
It’s too early to make any calls yet.
Total pts scored is down 77pts from last years 1st round.  Three teams cracked 200+ pts last year, only 1 this year. Ter’s 204 this year would have placed 4th last year.

Knight is in the best position with all guys left but 9 of his guys only scored single digits. His 1st pick and last pick had nearly equal outputs to pace his team.
Still wide open, as usual I think the contenders will separate by the close of games Sunday night.