2012 Final: Eight is Great!


Kentucky captured its 8th national championship on Monday night and Team Knight captured its 8th Hemcher Cup.  Team Knight finishes with a total of 652 points, with Team Poli coming in second for a record third straight year with 586 points.

Team Knight rode three Kentucky players (Terrence Jones, Darius Miller, and Marquis Teague) for a total of 219 points as well as three North Carolina players (Harrison Barnes, Kendall Marshall, and Reggie Bullock) for an additional 127 points.

Team Knight’s first round pick of Harrison Barnes totalled only 56 points and Knight high scorer totalled only 80 points (Teague, Round 9).  Team Knight did total 49 games with a 13.3 4PG.

Final Standings

Here are the final standings for Hemcher Cup XX:

  1. Knight           652
  2. Poli                586
  3. Lampazzi      561
  4. Gannon         534
  5. Zucker           455
  6. T[redacted]  421


All Hemcher Cup Team

Gannon and Poli sweep this year’s All-Hemcher Cup team with 3 players and 2 players respectively.  There was only one 100-point scorer this year, with Thomas Robinson pouring in exactly 100.

Here is your 2012 All-Hemcher Cup Team:

  • Thomas Robinson, 100 pts, Gannon
  • Doron Lamb, 99 pts, Gannon
  • Deshawn Thomas, 98 pts, Poli
  • Jared Sullinger, 85 pts, Gannon
  • Anthony Davis, 82 pts, Poli

I wonder if the winner has ever not placed a player in the All-Hemcher Cup team.