2012 Standings Thru Elite 8



Standings with 3 games to play:

  1. Knight  586pts, 4 guys left (3 Kentucky, 1 OSU)  Final Four automatic knockouts 0, Guaranteed players in championship 0
  2. Poli      544pts,  3 guys let (OSU/Kentucky/Kansas)  Final Four automatic knockouts:  1 OSU/Kansas, Guaranteed players in championship 1
  3. Lamp   486pts,  4 guys left (OSU/Kentucky/Louisville/Kansas) Final Four automatic knockouts:  2 with 2 players going to title game
  4. Ter       452pts, 3 guys left (OSU/KU/UK)  Final Four automatic knockouts:  1 OSU/KU, with 1 guaranteed to make title game
  5. Zuck    429pts,  1 guy left (Kansas)
  6. T [REDACTED]   421pts, 0 guys left

So T [REDACTED] goes from First to Worst, anyone want to bring up Cup Karma?  Just saying.

Me, Ter and Zuck should finish in the same order as we stack up right now.

As for the championship, Poli did tighten it up but lets look at it objectively. Matt is guranteed to lose 1 guy in the OSU/Kansas matchup. His OSU guy is his top scorer, so he definitely doesn’t want to lose him.  His OSU guy is averaging 22/game, Knight’s guy is averaging 10/game.  So Knight has some coverage there if OSU gets thru.  Matt’s Kansas guy is averaging  only 8/game.  Best case Matt can only take 2 to the title game and is guranteed only 1.  Knight is guranteed no players in the title game but could have as many as four.  A big loss for Poli is Quincy Acy, who only had 11 pts in his 1st two games, but then pulled a Forest Whitacker from Fast Times at Ridgemont Hight and scored 44pts in his last two.  He was Matt’s highest scorer in the last two rounds.  Not having the Big Q around is definitely going to hurt him.  I think Poli can tighten this up but as long as Coach Cal’s guys don’t accelerate their infractions to this week and remain eligible for the final four, I think Knight holds on.  Final Margin will range from about 70 on the high side, to 25 on the low side in my opinion.

As far as the century club goes, there doesn’t look to be many members this year.  DeShaun Thomas should get there for Poli (89pts),  2 of Ter’s 3 remaining guys have a shot but aren’t as close as Thomas.

I guess we will have to wait for the Saturday thread.  At least Poli is making Knight sweat it out a bit.