2012 Hemcher Cup XX Draft Lottery



Hemcher Cup XX is officially upon us.

The Draft Lottery was just conducted by Lampazzi and Myself, with checks and balances by Mr. Zucker.

Team L and I both agreed that we know nothing about hoops this year.  I was shocked to see an ESPN promo the other night advertising the big match up between #14 St. Marys and #16 Murray State.  WTF?!

I don’t know what any position in the draft has an advantage, and I might suggest that middle positions (3 & 4) are nice since you wait the least between picks.

Without further ado, here is your draft order for Hemcher Cup 20.

#6. Team Poli

#5. Team Gannon

#4. Team Zucker

#3.  Team Lampazzi

And the top two spots go to…..

#2. Team T [REDACTED]

#1. Team Knight

I suspect things will be wide open this year and there will be plenty of unexpected shockers in the tournament.

As always, good luck to all.

-Commissioner Knight

Let the banter begin….