2006 Sweet 16 Standings


Here’s how I have it through the sweet sixteen.

I’m attaching my scoresheet, let me know if I have screwed anything up.

1.Poli:   506pts, 6 players left
2.Lamp:   471pts, 4 players left
3.Knight: 467pts, 6 players left
4.Gannon: 423pts, 4 players left
5.Tons:   409pts, 7 players left
6.Zuck:   296pts, 4 players left

Key points:

  • Poli and Knight’s 6 guys are all from the same teams, so Knight’s guys will have to outscore Poli’s guys as
    they’ll move together.  I don’t think Knight can catch Poli.
  • Zuck needs 102pts to avoid setting a new all time low record score.

As for the bracket either Tons or I will win it.  If Uconn makes the final 4 tons wins it, if not I do.
Something tells me George Mason isn’t going to keep Tons from winning the bracket.