2006 Round 2 Standings

"Ring Girl" Announcing Start of Round Two

Here’s how I have the scoring [after Round 2].

Please let me know if I have anything wrong.  I’m attaching my spreadsheet.

1.Poli     395pts,  9 players left
2.Knight   368pts,  8 players left
3.Lamp     341pts,  8 players left
4.Gannon   314pts,  5 players left
5.Tons     289pts,  10 players left
6.Zuck     259pts,  6 players left

Looks like 4 teams with a chance to win this but
probalby only  2 that should be the teams to watch.
As usual the winner should emerge next weekend.
Knight and Poli will battle with many players on the
same teams, the rest of us need to do some serious
work to have a shot.