1999 Hemcher Cup Odds

I can’t believe Knight got his predictions out before me.

The predicted order of finish for this year’s player pool is as follows:


#6 Team Lampazzi

100:1 :

When people talk about this team, other names come to mind like “Tiffany”, “Buster Douglas”, “milli vanilli” and any other one hit wonders that you can think of. This team talks the talk but can’t come close to walking the walk. “I used to be a contender…” that’s all we hear from this team, its time to either put up or shut up and I think we all know its shut up time.

#5 Team Poli


There is not much new to say about this squad either, just like the rooster crowing at dawn, you can count on this team to come storming out of the gate but to burn out by the sweet 16. Look for much of the same this year, with no significant UNC players available look for a buildup of Blue Devils in the land of the great salt
lake and maybe a token pick of adamola okulaja.

#4 Team Tons


Much like Robert Kraft, this owner is most likely more interested in where he will be playing next year than what his team can do this year. Although there may be significant distractions, this team does not go down without a fight, and will finish middle of the pack.

#3 Team Knight

8:1 :

Dynasty? Please, don’t get this franchise started with thoughts of that. It cannot be denied, however,
that this team may be the 49ers of the player pool, even when they don’t win the whole thing they generally finish strong and fight to the very end. Look for a strong outing but a somewhat disappointing 3rd place finish.

#2 Team Gannon

3:1 :

Everyone realizes that ter has already been watching tons of hoops as evidenced by his game day vu hoops
analysis, this reporter believes that if asked to do so, mr. gannon could in fact produce the same analysis for any other game being played, even a matchup between such obscure schools as Valdasta State and the Ho- Ho- Kus School of Nursing and Secretarial Sciences. Based on this knowledge base, it’s hard to pick against team gannon but……..

#1 Team Zucker


We are on the edge of the millenium and the apocolypse(some say) ….the bible calls for the four horse men of the apocolypse(Conquest, War, Famine, Death), well this reporter says there are five and the fifth horsemen is named Team Zucker. There are seven signs that foretell the coming of the apocolypse and Zucker winning the player pool is sign #5. Turn on the tv and listen to some of the crazy predictions people are making for this year, and I’ll tell you that picking Team Zucker is no crazier.


Good luck to all, and we are only some 8 weeks away from D-Day.


(**Please note these predictions are for entertainment purposes only, these views do not represent actual outcomes but merely fictional accounts of possible finishes to this year’s tournament.)