These Go To 11

The 27th edition of the Hemcher Cup has drawn to a close and Team Knight adds more hardware to their trophy case with their 11th Championship. Final Standings: 1.  Knight          890 points,  60 games played, 14.8 […]

HC XVII – Final Four Standings

Though this contest has been over for a while, for the historical record, here’s the standings as of the Final Four: 1. Knight:        809 points with 4 players left 2. Lampazzi:   629 points with 1 player left 3. Gannon:      624 […]

HC XXVII – Elite 8 Standings

Though it will take the NCAA three more games to crown it’s champion, the Hemcher Cup has essentially crowned its champion this weekend. Standings thru the Elite 8: 1.  Knight:       746 points, 6 players left 2.  Gannon:     592 points, 3 […]

HC XXVII – Sweet 16 update

With the conclusion of the Sweet 16 here are the current standings: 1. Knight         578 points with 10 players left 2. Tonsmeire   518 points with 4 players left 3. Gannon       489 points with 6 players left 4. Lampazzi    486 points […]

Sweet 16 – Thursday Implications

Just to give you a flavor of what’s in play for tonight for the presumed three contenders: FSU/Gonzaga:  Tons: 2 Zags; Knight: 1 Zag, 1 FSU.  Guaranteed knockout for Knight. Purdue/Tenn.:  Gannon:  1 Volunteer;  Knight: 1 Boilermaker TTU / UM:  […]

HC XXVII – Round 2 Update

First off, let me first direct my anger towards whoever is screwing with the HC scoring sheet.  Someone decided to remove Carsen Edwards scoring from Knight’s worksheet and post a Turk 182 sign in there, which took out his points […]