2016: Sweet 16 Standings

          It’s still pretty tight top to bottom: 1.  Zucker    499pts with 7 guys left 2.  Lamp      492pts with 5 guys left 3.  Gannon   461pts with 2 guys left 4.  Knight     436pts […]

2016: Round 2 Standings

              Round 2 is is complete and teams are on their way to the Sweet 16, including the Cats. This has to be one of the closest leaderboards in quite a while: 1.  Zucker  […]

2016: Round 1 Standings

  Round 1 for 2016 is in the books, and Michigan State is on their way home. Here is was it looks like very early in the Hemcher Cup race. 1. Gannon   213pts, 10 guys left 2. Lamp    […]

The 2016 Hemcher Cup Preview Guide

The Hemcher Cup XXIV Preview Guide   The Un-Cupables   …you said you wanted to get a Cup. Do you really wanna get a Cup? You see what I’m saying is, what are you prepared to do? Anything within the […]

2016 Hemcher Cup Draft Lottery

                      The 2016 Hemcher Cup Draft will take place Wednesday, March 16th, 7:00pm-ish ET.   Official Hemcher Cup 2016 Draft Order T [redacted] Knight Gannon Lampazzi Zucker Poli Team T [redacted] […]

2015: Final Standings – As Close As It Gets

  I’m sure most of us are still somewhat in shock due to the wild nature of last night’s championship game. Team Knight began the game up 15 and held the lead until the under 4 minute TV timeout of […]