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2017: Round 1 Standings

After a first round that featured really no legit upsets, we are left with everyone still very much in contention. I’m not sure we’ve ever really seen such a first round dynamic in the history of the Hemcher Cup. Team […]

2017 Draft Order Set

          And here we go with the 2017 Hemcher Cup Draft Lottery In accordance with the standard draft lottery practices, the lottery was conducted and independent pieces emailed to Zucker prior to decoding the order. Without […]

2016: Final Four Standings

            With the conclusion of the Final Four, this year’s Hemcher Cup has been clinched. Welcome to the Three Timers Club Team Zucker. 1.  Zucker      621pts    4 players left 2.  Lamp    […]

2016: Elite 8 Standings

              For some reason, maybe because of the excitement of the Villanova-Kansas game, it seems that the ATTC Lampazzi didn’t send out an email update after the Elite 8 games.  That said, we have […]