Monthly Archives: May 2016

2016: Final Four Standings

            With the conclusion of the Final Four, this year’s Hemcher Cup has been clinched. Welcome to the Three Timers Club Team Zucker. 1.  Zucker      621pts    4 players left 2.  Lamp    […]

2016: Elite 8 Standings

              For some reason, maybe because of the excitement of the Villanova-Kansas game, it seems that the ATTC Lampazzi didn’t send out an email update after the Elite 8 games.  That said, we have […]

2016: Sweet 16 Standings

          It’s still pretty tight top to bottom: 1.  Zucker    499pts with 7 guys left 2.  Lamp      492pts with 5 guys left 3.  Gannon   461pts with 2 guys left 4.  Knight     436pts […]