Monthly Archives: March 2006

2006 Elite 8 Standings

Everything is basically settled tonight. I won the bracket and Poli has all but won the cup. 1. Poli,    581pts, 3 players left 2. Knight,  542pts, 3 players left 3. Lamp,    533pts, 2 players left 4. Tons,    487pts, […]

2006 Sweet 16 Standings

Here’s how I have it through the sweet sixteen. I’m attaching my scoresheet, let me know if I have screwed anything up. 1.Poli:   506pts, 6 players left 2.Lamp:   471pts, 4 players left 3.Knight: 467pts, 6 players left 4.Gannon: 423pts, 4 players left […]

2006 Round 2 Standings

Here’s how I have the scoring [after Round 2]. Please let me know if I have anything wrong.  I’m attaching my spreadsheet. 1.Poli     395pts,  9 players left 2.Knight   368pts,  8 players left 3.Lamp     341pts,  8 players left 4.Gannon   314pts,  […]